Strong Core Muscles is the Key to a Flatter Tummy with SpinaliS Canada

In my own personal heaven in Vancouver BC

In my own personal heaven!
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Did you know that conditioning the internal abdominal muscles predisposes you to a flat tummy and a slim waist more than the actual strengthening of the external abdominal muscles? The “six pack” we have always dreamed of; for which we suffer an endless amount of sit–ups before every summer, is only a decoration of the interior. The Hated bulging tummy is caused by flabby abdominal and postural muscles, whose main task is to ensure the proper position and upright posture.



As you know, strengthening deep abdominal muscles is quite difficult. It is not fun if you want to do it properly and healthy. Yoga, pilates or exercise on a balancing ball are the ideal breathing or balancing exercises used. It takes awhile to get perfect mastery and the expected results. Would you believe you can get the flat tummy of your dreams, straight back and right posture in a few weeks; while – in fact – sitting on the chair? This is not a sales gimmick but a special medical chair with a movable seat on a spring. Thanks to microscopic, natural movements and balancing while sitting on the chair all day long, you unknowingly stimulate and activate all abdominal and back muscles; including core muscles. Build up! The movable seat is following your every movement, so you are engaging your abdominal muscles to keep balance. Don’t be wary of too much tiredness, fixed armrests and an adjustable backrest are a safe and comfortable support any time you need to rest and relax.

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In the beginning; after a day of hidden exercise by sitting on the movable SpinaliS Chair, you will probably feel your muscles activated. After a few days, your body will get used to the regular movements and you will feel great. Soon you will feel you are less tired after sitting all day and your back and neck pain will be relieved. Your body is getting stronger, your tummy flatter and slimmer and your spine more flexible. All this thanks to strengthening of your core muscles around the spine. The human body is a perfectly designed apparatus that works through the mutual connection of bones, muscles and tendons that interact with each other.

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While sitting or while lying on your back, place your hand on the lower abdomen below the navel and cough repeatedly. You will notice that through the rapid contraction of the entire abdominal wall muscles, your belly will be sucked towards your spine. This is how your muscles should be in a natural position, while walking or sitting on a chair.

Healthy SpinaliS chairs on the spring help:
● Keep your body upright
● Eliminate the pressure on the intervertebral discs
● Effortlessly strengthen postural abdominal and back muscles – which weaken during passive sitting
● Eliminates neck and back pain
● Positively effects your condition

SAVE up to $200 on Posture Enhancement Chairs at SpinaliS Canada

Class I Medical Device
Health Canada has certified SpinaliS chairs as a Class I Medical Device to prevent spinal problems and treat existing ones.

Abs and Back Workout
Work out while sitting on any of the SpinaliS chairs and performing your daily tasks at the office or home.

Back Pain Relief
SpinaliS Chairs will work out your core muscles for you. Just sit, do your thing and leave everything else up to SpinaliS. STRONG CORE MUSCLES = NO BACK PAIN

Stylish Office Chairs
Design of the SpinaliS Chairs is an eye candy – your customers will definitely notice them!

Yoga Ball Alternative
It is recommended not to sit longer than 2 hours on a yoga ball, but on the SpinaliS chairs you can sit all day long.

Standing Desk Alternative
SpinaliS chairs will actually make your body to work out and get you into a great shape without the hard task of standing or exercising.

Who does use SpinaliS?
Google, Dubai Airport, SONY, IBM, DELL, Skoda Auto, CSOB Bank, Unicredit Bank, Vodafone and many more.

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