Lunch or Luncheon is a Meal Eaten Around Midday in Vancouver, BC

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“The soup was just as delicious as I had remembered it” says Lisa Marie M.

Vancouver doesn’t get super cold in the winter very often. I also don’t eat soup much as I don’t like anything overly saucy. However there are a few exceptions, such as Tortilla soup. When it’s cold I find this is an excellent thing to eat to warm myself up with. I had been here before and had the Super Tortilla soup which was so good, it was the perfect choice that day.

First thing I saw on the menu was ceviche -I absolutely love ceviche, so we had to order one and it was amazing !

I haven’t had ceviche that good since Mexico or Las Vegas. It didn’t have fish in it ( which I hate ) it was straight up prawns with lime juice, cucumber, pico de gallo & topped with avocado. Served with Tortilla chips. So delicious!

The soup was just as delicious as I had remembered it. The broth is tasty and not too spicy. And I always get the Super because it’s the same as the regular- just with chicken.

It also has quaso cheese, chips, chile ancho, avocado, sour cream, & lime. I always add extra chips in mine. It was super filling and there was no need to order anything else after our ceviche appetizer.

To drink I had the “Margarita of the week” which was called Smoky & the Bandit. It was really good .

I would highly recommend, and definitely return


First round of fresh tortilla chips with two deadly salsas is on us.

We will refill your glass with any of these soft drinks as many times as you want for free:

– regular cola
– diet cola
– lemon pop
– ginger ale
– lemonade
– club soda
– raspberry iced tea
– cranberry beverage
– clamato beverage

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$9 and $13 Lunch Specials

$8 Three Olives Double Caesar

$6 Burritos
$4 Jose Cuervo Margarita

$3 Tacos: Fish, Carnita, Chorizo, Chicken & Awesome Veggie Mix
$4 Granville Island, English Bay Pale Ale and Island Lager Draft Beer

$5 SOL beer

$4 Jose Cuervo Chilled Shot

$6 Dos Equis Beer

$6 Tecate Tallcan Beer

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