Lead Guitarist Jeff Magnuson from Silence the Machine

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Super Margarita for 3 is more of a suggestion then a rule.. Epic day in Van. Stanley park, downtown, finished up with drinks in Gastown.

About Silence the Machine

Genre: Metal/Rock

Band Members:
Layla Abdulle: Lead Vocals.
Steve Gerrard: Drums, Vocals.
Mike Carter: Guitar, Vocals.
Jeff Magnuson: Guitar, Vocals.
Joe Clark: Bass, Vocals.

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta

Coming in the late fall of 2012, Steve, Layla, and Mike began designing the franchise. Fresh off of a successful stint with their previous band and harboring a ton of new ideas, they began shaping what would later become a hard hitting 5 piece metal outfit known as SILENCE THE MACHINE. With the addition of Jeff on second guitar, Mike was free to explore new avenues and riffing styles which would prove to be key in molding their uniquely heavy and dynamic sound. Responding to an unusual and unexpected invitation to the studio, it only took one brief listening session to land the final member, Joey, on bass guitar. Secretly going about their business in the winter months, STM had written and finalized a new set list and shortly after, the debut recording sessions would begin. In spring of 2013 the recordings were completed, and with them, the final puzzle piece in place.

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