Founders of and Taco Tuesday in Vancouver BC

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Founding fathers planning the Rosedale Roundup. Photo credit @bkirkhope

With different backgrounds, opinions, and lifestyles, is a glimpse into the lives of a gaggle of gays and how we view the world – one day at a time. We’ve all been friends for several years, and now we’ve come out of the closet and are sharing our reality with you. As the paparazzi of our own lives, we’re capturing the good times and bad and we’re not holding back. We share our opinions & recaps on our favorite shows, update you on everything from the latest movies, trends, and sex symbols (to name a few), and get up close and personal with some of your favorite celebs. Get to know us. Love us. Hate us. Relate to us. Whether you’re gay or straight or in between, we hope you enjoy our witt, charm, and humanity.

Originally, we created this site because we wanted to be able to document all of the great times we have together and we wanted to have a way to showcase all of the amazing people we call our friends. So much is going on in our lives, and in the world around us – this is our voice.

“Our mission has been to provide an exciting outlet for our cast to express themselves, whilst having as much fun as possible – making our readers laugh, smile, think, and feel. Each cast member is interesting and unique in his own way, as are our readers. My hope is that readers can relate to one, some, or all of us and more importantly, that can inspire people to speak out in their own ways, be who they are, and follow their dreams.” – Patrick Levesque

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