Christmas Dinner Ideas in Gastown Vancouver BC

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Christmas dinner at La Casita Gastown in Vancouver, BC
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Delicious lunch ideas at La Casita Gastown in Vancouver, BC
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First round of fresh tortilla chips with two deadly salsas is on us.

We will refill your glass with any of these soft drinks as many times as you want for free:

– regular cola
– diet cola
– lemon pop
– ginger ale
– lemonade
– club soda
– raspberry iced tea
– cranberry beverage
– clamato beverage

Check out our weekly specials:

$8 and $10 Lunch Specials

$7 Three Olives Double Caesar

$5 Burritos
$3 Jose Cuervo Margaritas

$2.50 Tacos: Fish, Carnita, Chorizo, Chicken & Awesome Veggie Mix
$4.50 Kokanee Gold Amber Lager and Granville Island Beer

$5 Corona bottles

$10 Bulldogs — margarita with 100% agave tequila and Coronita

$5 Modelo Especial Beer

$5 Tecate Tallcan Beer

FREE space for parties and events

FREE meal for the birthday person with a table of 7 or more

GIFT CARDS of any value

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