Best Nachos in Vancouver

Source: Best Nachos in Vancouver

It was a chilly, wintry Saturday afternoon when we drifted into La Casita in Gastown. Downtown Vancouver had seen its first snow of the season and while we spent the day gazing with anticipation at the local ski hills, for now, we were just plain cold.

What better way to warm up then, than a hearty Mexican feast of nachos? At La Casita, there are two types of nachos offered. Texas Nachos for $9.50 – as you’d expect, a platter of crispy tortillas, draped in cheese, salsa and other toppings. And Nachos, for $8.50 – a simple alternative centred around a bowl of melted cheese.

In the spirit of adventure, I decided on a shot of mezcal to warm me up, a Dos Equis chaser – and to try the alternative, simple Nachos, with a guacamole side, before following that up with a chorizo chimichanga. Sure, I was cold – but I was also hungry.

Best Nachos in Vancouver at La Casita Gastown in Vancouver, BC
Source: Best Nachos in Vancouver

When the nachos arrived, their simplicity was striking – the thick, homemade tortilla chips orbiting the bowl of molten cheese and chunky tomato, like warm, crispy meteorites gravitating towards a golden, gooey sun, glowing red with salsa flares.

Dunking straight in, the cheese dripped from the chip, its viscosity higher than fondu but varied, as if it were a blend of cheeses, some of which had melted more than others, making for a more interesting dip.

The thickness of the cheese was perfectly matched by that of the chips, which were sturdy enough to guarantee a full helping of cheese with a sprinkling of salsa in each scoop.

On the side sat a mixed, albeit high quality, offering at La Cas
Source: Best Nachos in Vancouver

On the side sat a mixed, albeit high quality, offering. The guacamole tasted homemade, fresh and zesty, but while the salsa roja and salsa verde were also obviously homemade, neither were very spicy or memorable. The mezcal on the other hand.. pure fire.

But I digress. Back to the cheese. Or rather, the chips, which we ran out of. We asked for another helping, but instead of being served more of the thick, crunchy nacho chips, we were given a basket of thin, snacky chips. Sure, they were fine – but it wasn’t the same and it felt like an inferior option.

If I’m honest, that is how I felt about the rest of the feast. The food which followed was nothing special and the service overall was patchy. No sooner had our mains arrived than our nacho dish was gone – without regard for whether we had finished or not.

Yes, the idea of a Mexican fondu sounds amazing and it was a pleasurable – and gooey – dip into an interesting alternative. But I needed something more substantial. Back to the Texas Nachos I think.

Source: Best Nachos in Vancouver

First round of fresh tortilla chips with two deadly salsas is on us.

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