2016 Dia De los Muertos Party in Vancouver, BC

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November 1, 2016
Dia De los Muertos celebration at La Casita Gastown in Vancouver, BC

Drop by the Mexican Food Restaurant La Casita Gastown to celebrate the Day of the Dead with us! We will have tons of menu and drink specials for you to enjoy. Pain your face and come over! Oh .. and don’t forget to bring your friends, family, coworkers or special ones.

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My first brazilian friend at La Casita Gastown in Vancouver, BC
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On Fridays you can find me at La Casita Gastown in Vancouver, BC
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Pretty damn authentic! So tasty. La Casita Gastown Vancouver BC
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Translated to English, this is “The Day of the Dead”. In actuality, Dia De Los Muertos is not one, but two days spent in honor of the dead. The first day celebrates infants and children who have died. This is a group which is believed to have a special place in heaven, and are referred to as “Angelitos” or little angels. The second day is in honor of adults who have passed away.

While the culture in the U.S. is to shy away from discussions of death, Mexicans embrace death. They use Dia De Los Muertos as an opportunity to celebrate the death and the life of loved ones and friends they knew in this world. And it is a day of celebration, not a day of mourning. While not alone in the world in celebrating death, it is certainly uncommon and could make someone from the U.S. very uncomfortable. Note: Chinese also celebrate their dead in a similar manner.

Dia De Los Muertos was celebrated in late July and early August by Aztec Indians for thousands of years. When the Spaniards conquered Mexico in the 1500’s, they looked upon this celebration as a pagan ritual. In an effort to eliminate it, they moved it to the date of All Saints and All Souls Day in November. The effort failed, and the Aztecs along with all Mexicans continue to celebrate the holiday.

On Dia De Los Muertos, people prepare a feast with many of the favorite dishes of lost loved ones. Pan de Muertos or “Bread of the Dead” is a traditional bread which is baked and eaten during this celebration. Mementos are set out of favorite things of the the ones who have passed away.

Visiting the cemetery is a popular tradition. At the cemetery, the tomb or burial plot is decorated. The cemetery visit is spent in a picnic environment. The air is filled with music from Mariachi bands while the scent of a wide variety of foods wafts through the air. Fireworks are also common.

First round of fresh tortilla chips with two deadly salsas is on us.

We will refill your glass with any of these soft drinks as many times as you want for free:

– regular cola
– diet cola
– lemon pop
– ginger ale
– lemonade
– club soda
– raspberry iced tea
– cranberry beverage
– clamato beverage

Check out our weekly specials:

$8 and $10 Lunch Specials

$7 Three Olives Double Caesar

$5 Burritos
$3 Jose Cuervo Margaritas

$2.50 Tacos: Fish, Carnita, Chorizo, Chicken & Awesome Veggie Mix
$4.50 Kokanee Gold Amber Lager and Granville Island Beer

$5 Corona bottles

$10 Bulldogs — margarita with 100% agave tequila and Coronita

$5 Modelo Especial Beer

$5 Tecate Tallcan Beer

FREE space for parties and events

FREE meal for the birthday person with a table of 7 or more

GIFT CARDS of any value

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